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Alarmed Exit DeviceWe sells both panic exit devices and fire rated exit devices.

Panic Devices or Fire Devices? 
There is a distinct difference between panic and fire devices, which carry a fire label. Latching devices or locks on fire doors must be self latching. The latch bolt cannot be retracted to prevent the door from latching when closed. The other major requirement for fire doors is that they be self-closing, which requires a door closer. Wall magnets or hold-open door closers can be used to keep fire doors in the open position but close them automatically in case of fire. Electric latch retraction devices can be used, again only when tied into the fire alarm system.

Typically fire rated exit devices are used for interior doors while panic rated devices are used for exterior doors. Under any circumstances, it is very important to check with your local fire and life safety department as well as building code inspectors to determine the correct device for the door.

emergency exit push alarm Alarmed Exit DeviceAlarmed Exit Device

Alarmed Exit Device for life safety and security door hardware, whether you have one office door or more, you can’t always be there to guard it all!

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